Devamatre Technologies has created innumerable wonders, but most wonderful of them is the creation of innovative web-site in itself. Development and nourishment of it to cater to the need of an ever unfolding complex and challenging world is the toughest task. To achieve this target, Devamatre Technologies was founded on 10/04/2009 by the relentless efforts of Rohtash Singh. Besides imparting the Software Development, the efforts are being made to enhance the software quality and fulfill the customer needs.

Software Development

We are specializes in custom software development that will easily integrate into your business needs. Our solutions can facilitate any small or large business service with security and custom features designed exclusively for your needs.

There are many products easily available in the market but some business problems are such that either an off-the-shelf product may not be available or even if it is available then the chances of that package giving desired functionality are minimal. Therefore we first study the client requirements and then suggest a software specially designed for your needs.

Company's Mission Statement

Devamatre Technologies mission is to provide the Innovative Softwares with great enriched facilities that responds to the needs of the customers and their satisfaction.


Devamatre Technologies main object is providing innovative software to customers as per their needs at affordable prices with value of the price.